Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia

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Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia : a biographical account of some of the early settlers of that portion of Wiregrass Georgia embraced in the original counties of Irwin, Appling, Wayne, Camden, and Glynn
Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia Cover Cover
Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia by Folks Huxford
AuthorFolks Huxford
SubjectLocal Hisotry
PublisherHomverville, Ga. : Huxford Genealogical Society.
Media typePrint

Volumes in this Series

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  • Used to be able to locate at the Mesa Family History Center, but it's now closed, and I'm not sure where the books went.
  • Vol's 1,2, and 6 may be availible at State Library of Arizona
  • May be able to locate at Houston Public Library

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Huxford, Folks. Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia: A Biographical Account of Some of the Early Settlers of That Portion of Wiregrass Georgia Embraced in the Original Counties of Irwin, Appling, Wayne, Camden, and Glynn, Folks Huxford. 7 volumes. Homerville, Georgia: Huxford Genealogical Society, 1954.

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