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The purpose of this template is to streamline the search documentation process on Search Cards by providing a uniform entry and display for search results and notes. See also Template:Searched for for search term formatting.

This template will add theCategory:Search Card category. Usage:

{{Search result 
|accessed date             =
|alt                       = 
|document date             =
|external source name      = 
|internal document name    =  
|name                      = 
|note                      = 
|url                       = 
  • document date = most relevant date on the document
  • name = if the search result refers to a particular name it can be provided
  • note = any note can be provided
  • external source name = page number, paragraph number, url, etc where the search result was found
  • internal source name = name of page for the source (include namespace)
  • alt = name to be displayed when needed to be different than name above
  • url = URL of page where the result was found
  • accessed date = date source was assessed
  • if 'all arguments are left blank, then "no results" will be returned.

This template uses the following templates:

This documentation is transcluded from Template:Search result/doc