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Date Sent Addressee/Address Purpose Date Replied Results
11-Mar-13 [email protected] search New York birth index for Oliver H. James, John O. James, Alviest James 13-Mar-13 located john o james birth in index, no others.
21-Mar-13 [email protected] asked for source of david hickox and david j. hickox photos
28-Mar-13 LORIM on Ancestry asked for copies of pages for Micajah Crews and David Hickox 29-Mar-13 given copy of Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia for David Hickox. Still waiting on responce for others.
4 Apr 2013 John Robertson, maintainer of asked if knew where to find maps of the census districts 4 Apr 2013 suggested
21 Apr 2013 1959 Historical Edition of the Blackshear Times asked if anyone knew how to locate this source
25 May 2013 Room 107 at City Hall, 40 South Broadway, Yonkers, New York 10701 requested copy of birth certificate for Oliver H. James
27 May 2013 [email protected] requested marriage lookup for Ida Clarkson/Goodheardt and John James 30 Dec 2020 Archives wanted $400+ dollars for a copy of the documents. File:Colorado State Archives - document request Augusta Barth, Ketha Titus , Bennet Titus - 14783.pdf